Breeding Whitetail Deer

Chestnut Ridge Whitetails is a high class whitetail deer farm offering premium services for other deer breeders or deer pet owners. We can provide you with:

Deer Breeding Options
Deer for sale
(buck, doe, & fawn)
Stud service
Tagging service
Guided Deer Hunts

In addition to breeding deer we also provide deer for sale on our farm in Pennsylvania. You can purchase deer as fawns, adult buck or adult doe. You can even purchase a pre-breed doe so that you can experience the whole life giving process and enjoy the fawns as they grow. All our animals have lineage papers similar to AKC papers.

Breeding Objectives

When breeding high quality deer we are trying for antler size. The larger and more inches they produce the more valuable they are. The objective in breeding deer is a high scoring boon & crocket score. Our deer now have a minimum of 200 class genetics. Our high quality genetics qualify us to sell buck semen, breed does and stud services.

Deer Breeding and Sale Video

We sell both higher class deer and lower class deer to meet your price range. Contact us for more information.