Whitetail Deer Hunts

Year-round guided deer hunts are conducted on our 100 acre deer hunting preserve. The preserve is comprised of both field and forest giving you a truly wild life hunting experience.

We are dedicated to maintaining the sportsmanship of your deer hunting experience, so when you hunt on our deer preserve you'll think you were actually hunting out in the wild! Our deer are not tame. Fair chase rules apply.

We leave the degree of the challenge totally up to you. You can select the size of the area you want to hunt in. You can also choose which class deer you want to hunt. You can even choose a specific trophy whitetail deer you wish to hunt.

Aside from getting a GREAT looking trophy you are also getting the best quality venison available. The animals have been fed top quality feed and are maintained to be in excellent physical condition.

whitetail deer hunting trophy

"I've been hunting all over North America and I have to say that Chestnut Ridge Whitetails is among the best hunting preserves anywhere! It's just like hunting in the wild".
- Ronny from West Virginia - Large 8 point buck

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You can hunt in one of our one man or two man tree stands. The two man stands are excellent for filming the hunt, sharing the experience with a friend or loved one, or teaching a new hunter the ropes. We can also perform deer drives for you as well.

Guaranteed Hunts

Don't forget that at Chestnut Ridge Whitetails, your guided deer hunt is a guaranteed hunt! We hope you will make many lifelong happy memories. If you are looking for a monster trophy to accent your wall or mantel we have just the buck for you! If you have any questions please give Bob a call at 814-486-2420 or 814-335-4661.


We now have two fantastic preserves for whitetail deer hunting and elk hunting. Enjoy fabulous hospitality at our lodge

  1. Hunt your next whitetail deer in the beautifully scenic Pocono Mountains of North East Pennsylvania. Bring your wife along since there is lots of great shopping at the nearby Crossing Premium Outlets and she is sure to bag something as well. We also have a comfortable hunting lodge on our property for your convenience.
  • Our second preserve is in Emporium PA located in the Endless Mountains - heart of Elk Country. Elk Country is where the Elk run free on thousands of acres of free range hunting. We offer both elk hunts as well as Whitetail deer hunts on this new preserve.

Free Deer Hunting Video

Deer Hunting Preserve Video
Bob Jones (right)
with Trophy Hunters

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The Deer Preserve Advantage

high boon and crockett score for our trophy bucks Deer Size: On our whitetail deer and elk preserves the deer and elk are able to grow bigger and stronger than in the wild. Our buck's antlers are larger than you would typically be able to find in this part of the country.
high boon and crockett score for our trophy bucks When you book a hunt with our guaranteed deer hunts at our hunting preserve, you will also get to choose the class of deer you wish to hunt.
deer hunting preserves have no seasons There are no seasons on a preserve - you have the freedom to hunt whenever you wish - autumn, winter, spring, summer.
deer hunting preserves have no seasons No hunting license or tags are required so there are no hidden trophy costs
our deer are cwd free and very healthy Guaranteed high quality, healthy, CWD free, disease free meet.
hunting on our whitetail deer preserve any time you want Limited space or time can hinder a hunter from going out. Our deer and elk preserves are the answer to both of those problems.
deer hunting for groups, your family, woman Hunting on our preserve can be a group or family activity. Stay in our lodge and make a vacation of it. With so many exciting fun attractions in the area everyone will have fun.
deer hunting for groups, your family, woman Why should you hunt on our preserve? Typically other deer preserves contain their deer in small areas which takes away the challenge and sport of the hunt. We do NOT confine you but give you full reign of our large preserve (of course if an easier hunt is what you want then we have ways of accommodating your challenge level).