Deer Scents And Lures

Deer Lures

We bottle 100% pure urine from our does for hunters to use as a deer lures.

Buck Semen

Take advantage of our high class bucks and purchase our semen straws. Our bucks descend from very high scoring deer.

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About Our Deer Products

We set a very high standard for ourselves and for the products which we provide to others. Be assured that any deer or deer products you purchase from Chestnut Ridge Whitetails will always meet that high standard which many have benefited from and have come to expect. Honesty is our policy and we will never sell anything we would not use on our own farm.

Raising high class deer is a continual process of investing time, effort and money to increase the genetic quality of a herd. We work very hard to improve the boon & crocket score of our bucks. We have buck and doe descending from very high class deer. We currently have deer which rank in the 300 class and have the genetic capability to go even higher in the near future. We are very proud of how far we have come, but we will continue to raise the standard.